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    Domestic well-known R&D manufacturers——CEAYEA Electric 當前位置: Home / About / Social Responsibility

    Happy Enterprise

    CEAYEA Electric has long adhered to the "people-oriented" management philosophy and practiced the core values of "responsibility is the soul and innovation is win-win". We have established a unique management culture in recruitment, training and selection, performance management, compensation management, and employee relations, and actively created a favorable work and cultural environment. Combine the personal career development of employees with the strategic planning and development of the company.

    In accordance with the mainstream development, scientific knowledge and practice parallel, so as to achieve the unity of knowledge and action. Face the shareholders, customers, partners and society in good faith: let every employee become the shareholders of the company, and join hands with the shareholders to add value to the shareholders; Meet customer needs and create customer value; We will continue to seek win-win solutions for mutual benefit with our partners and seek common development with our partners. To shoulder social responsibilities, to maintain the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, down-to-earth, hard work; Full of passion, pioneering and enterprising, to create a benign development ecosystem, full of gratitude to return to society!

    Charitable public goods

    CEAYEA Electric, while realizing rapid and good development, did not forget to repay the society and actively devoted himself to the development of social public welfare.


    CEAYEA Electric has always adhered to the guiding ideology of General Secretary Xi Jinping's "Green Mountain is Jinshan Yinshan", thoroughly implemented the Scientific Outlook on Development, and actively promoted the construction of ecological civilization. We will adhere to the policy of "putting safety first, putting prevention first and taking comprehensive measures", strictly implement national laws and regulations, deepen institutional and institutional reforms, and raise awareness of risk prevention and control. With the aim of improving the quality of the ecological environment and ensuring the safety and health of employees, we will fulfill our responsibilities, strengthen leadership, increase the introduction of automation and intelligent equipment, improve the level of environmental security and prevention management, and focus on the actual situation of the company, and comprehensively promote environmental security and prevention. We will promote the sustained and sound development of the corporate economy and achieve green, circular, low-carbon and safe development.