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    HV & LV package solution

    Background information

    Qingdao XXX Rubber Plant was established in October 1994 and situated in Qingdao – a well-known tourist attraction in China. Since its foundation, the Company has created its own features from high starting point, been widely recognized in the market and unanimously praised by all consumers. By strictly following the final object of user satisfaction, the Company has devoted to producing international famous tires by realistic innovation and continuous development. 

    The Company has top-of-the-line technical equipment, strong technical force and advanced operation mechanism and management. Main products adopt the marketing mode of regional agency, with the sales network extending across the country, and are highly appreciated by various users. It is a modern new tire manufacturer with strong competitiveness and vast development prospect. The Company has improved itself with development, continuously gained the advanced management experience and mode at home and abroad, increased its management and technical levels and passed ISO9001 international quality system and national product safety certification of tires in sequence. 


    CEAYEA Electrical & Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has offered the solution of complete HV & LV power supply system for power distribution rooms in the newly-built factory of Qingdao XXX Rubber Plant.

    Operation effect

    HV & LV distribution cabinets, dynamic reactive-power compensation and lighting voltage regulation system supplied by CEAYEA can help the users:

    1. Solve the supply and distribution of HV & LV distribution power energy in the factory.

    2. Satisfy the requirements for safe, high-quality and reliable operation of the power distribution system in the factory.

    3. Make the equipment have neat appearance, reasonable structure, safe service and stable operation.


    Series CY products of CEAYEA can satisfy all requirements of the customers. High and low voltage distribution cabinet: Reasonable design, safe use and clear identification Dynamic VAR compensator: of high power factor of compensation, reduced line loss and improved efficiency of motors. Lighting voltage regulator: since the site was of high voltage, the stable output of the lighting voltage regulator would extend the service lives of LED luminaire. Series CY products of CEAYEA increase the efficiency of power supply, improve the quality of electric energy and assure the safe and stable operation of equipment.