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    Intelligent Compensation Module Case

    Background information

    Shouguang XXX Tire Co., Ltd is situated in Lingang Industrial Park Yangkou Township Binhai Economic Development Zone Shouguang City, Shandong Province, China. The Company is a large-and-medium sized modern enterprise established in 2011, with a floor area over 1,000 mu and mainly engages in design, development, production and processing of various series of half-steel radial tires for passenger vehicles, light trucks and SUV etc. The Company has advanced tire research and development capacity, production technology, test equipment and professional technical & management teams. During the early design stage, the annual capacity is 12 million sets and product quality and competitiveness can be assured from the source.


    CEAYEA Electrical &Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. offers the solution of Series CY-DM power-factor correction device for newly-built factory of Shandong XXX Tire Co., Ltd.

    Operation effect

    Series CY-DM power-factor correction device supplied by CEAYEA can help the user:

    1. Solve the problem of power-factor-adjusted charges Avoid fines for power-factor-adjusted charges and lower down the cost of production electricity for the user. 

    2. Lower down line loss: Electric energy loss arising from long line, high harmonic and great reactive demand; save electricity.

    3. High power factor for compensation; small reactive current in line; voltage drop of line decreased and small voltage fluctuation. It can also be stable terminal voltage.

    4. Release transformer capacity: Lower down the capacity of main transformer occupied by reactive power; improve the power supply capacity of transformer and extend the service life of transformer.


    Series CY-DM device of CEAYEA is equipped with 7% reactors. They can remove some 5th or 7th order of harmonic waves and be normally used under strong harmonic. It can satisfy the requirements for reactive compensation of power distribution system. Increase the efficiency of power supply, improve the quality of electric energy and assure the safe and stable operation of equipment.