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    Open mills

    Internal mixing plant is the core of the entire rubber industry but also the most important department in the rubber factories, major energy consumer and one of the key energy-saving procedures at present. 

    After leaving the fix mixing machine of the internal mixer, rubber will be sent onto the open mill and after two or three times of mixing, sent to the next open mill for two or three passes of mixing; after that, rubber will be sent to the cooling line for use in later procedures. For this kind of internal mixer, there is a period for feeding rubber onto the open mill and such period is uncertain and varies with different technologies of rubber, maybe 4 minutes and sometimes 3 minutes, with relatively high uncertainty. 

    After startup, the equipment will run continuously but it will idle during free period of every two vehicles, and this will lead to energy waste. Frequency sensitive rheostat/ star-delta starting are adopted, with great energy waste; starting current is heavy (250KW, about 3,000A) and it will easily lead to impact on power grid and decrease in grid voltage, thus giving rise to trip or fault of other electric equipment. During loaded startup, frequency sensitive rheostats will be easily damaged (about RMB 4,000/ each). It will reach the constant speed shortly, about 6S after startup. Motor torque is high, liable to cause damage of motor, gear and bearing seal. When the open mill runs at constant speed, electric energy will be wasted to a certain extent. 

    Background information

    XXX Corporation (the “Company”) is funded by a Hong Kong investment company. Nowadays, the Company products have been certified by related organizations in the major tire markets all over the world, including DOT (US), EU, ECE and R117 (EU), SNI (Indonesia), SIRIM (Malaysia), INMETRO (Brazil) and GSO (Gulf). Its tire brand has been granted with honorary titles such as China Top Brand, China Famous Trademark, Top Ten Best-Selling Brands Recognized in Chinese Market, and No. 1 Brand for User Satisfaction, Quality and Reputation in Chinese Tire Market etc.


    CEAYEA Electrical & Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has offered integrated intelligent control solution for open mill to the Company. 

    Operation effect

    Series CYK integrated intelligent control equipment for open mill of CEAYEA can help the user:

    1. Lower down operation and maintenance cost: Series CYK integrated intelligent control equipment for open mill can achieve automatic adjustment of motor running speed by making use of no-load waiting time. This can realize “zero energy consumption” under no load and maintenance-free design, and moreover, it can lower down the maintenance cost.

    2. Upgrade electronic control system: On the premise of no change for motor, electronic control system can be upgraded and corresponding cost can be minimized.

    3. Realize safe and stable operation: The equipment has realized soft start of motor, eliminated impact on power supply system and equipment caused by power frequency start and meanwhile, assured the service life of crankshaft, gear, speed reducer, lubrication system, cooling parts and such mechanical parts in an efficient manner, and achieved safe and stable operation.

    4. Achieve stepless speed regulation: The equipment can set the positive & negative rotation of roller, speed level and acceleration/ deceleration time as per the actual demand, so that, site operation will be simpler and more convenient. 

    5. Decrease line loss: The equipment has DC-link bus capacitor to achieve reactive exchange, increase power factor, lower down reactive power consumption and decrease line loss.


    Series CYK integrated intelligent control equipment provided by CEAYEA has not only satisfied the existing production technology requirements but also achieved the all-round upgrading of electronic control system, so as to realize intelligent control of open mill, minimize the operation & maintenance cost and assure the safe and reliable operation.