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    It is necessary to solve customers'problems in time. 當前位置: Home / Case / Rubber

    Solution case in automobile industry

    Production lines in automobile and motorcycle manufacturers etc. will use lots of electric welding machine, laser welding machine, high-capacity inductive load (mainly motor) and such non-linear loads and thus, all transformer loads have serious harmonic current and frequency spectrum of the harmonic current is quite wide (2nd ~21st harmonics are all severely polluted). So that, electric equipment and transformers have serious harmonic power loss; transformers have the power factor around 0.6 only and seriously insufficient active output capacity. The power grid system thus has great reactive power loss, quick change, unbalanced three-phase load, characteristic harmonic and decrease in total voltage etc., which directly affect the production efficiency of welding.

    Background information

    Shandong XXX Group (the “Company”) was established on May 18, 1993 and main products include three-wheeled vehicle, light truck, electromobile, tractor, engine, tire and combined harvester etc. In accordance with the theory of same platform in the world, the Company has established various industrial parks for agrimotors, agricultural equipment, chemical fiber tire, thermal power, electromobile and modern agricultural equipment, created the development pattern of four major industries, i.e. agrimotors, agricultural equipment, chemical fiber tire and electromobile, and now has the largest production base of transport machinery in China, the production base of low-speed electromobile and the largest production base of chemical fiber to the north of Yangtze River. Moreover, the Company has post-doctoral research center, academician workstation, enterprise technology center of national grade, key laboratory of agrimotor power and harvest machinery as well as Shifeng central research institute, to which 13 research centers are subordinated. There are more than 2,500 scientific & technical personnel and development professionals. Over 1,000 scientific achievements and national patents have been obtained. The Company has the top-ranking strength of scientific & technological development in the same industry in China.


    CEAYEA Electrical &Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has offered the solution of CY-APF active power filter to the Company.

    Operation effect

    CY-APF active power filter provided by CEAYEA has helped the user: 

    1. Filtering effect: Effectively filter all orders of harmonic out. Decrease distortion rates for voltage and current to the level below the national standard.

    2. Avoid system interference: Solve problems such as secondary system interference, equipment protection without cause or shutdown in an appropriate and efficient manner. 

    3. Prevent harm of harmonics Solve problems such as overheat of transformer, system busbar and cable etc., and extend their service life.


    CYAPF active power filter provided by CEAYEA has satisfied all requirements of various customers and solved problems such as equipment protection without cause, shutdown and overheat etc. in an appropriate and efficient manner. APF active power filter has excellent performance and protected the safe and stable operation of equipment in an efficient manner.