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    CEAYEA Electric wholeheartedly for your service! 當前位置: Home / Contact / Legal declaration

    Copyright Notice

    CEAYEA Electric Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. independently owns or co-owns with relevant content providers the copyright and other relevant intellectual property rights of relevant content (including but not limited to text, pictures, audio, video materials, advertisements, domain names, programs, column directories and names, content classification standards and page design, layout, software, etc.) in ceayea website.

    Unless  provided by Chinese law, any content in which CEAYEA Electric Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has copyright or other intellectual property rights without the written permission of CEAYEA Electric Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.No one may copy or mirror or use in any other way on a server not owned by CEAYEA Electric Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.No one may use a trademark without authorization.
    To the work that releases through this net, this net is authorized by copyright owner prohibit any media, website or individual to be reprinted without written authorization use.
    For those who violate the above statement, CEAYEA Electric Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Will investigate their legal liabilities according to law.

    Description of Rights Protection

    一)If any unit or individual finds that network users use network services to infringe their legitimate rights and interests, and needs the assistance of this website, please ask the above unit or individual to put forward the right protection instructions to this website according to the following requirements, and this website will actively cooperate with the processing after receiving the letter.

      1. The ownership certificate of the trademark right, copyright or other legal rights of the content suspected of infringement, and relevant evidence shall be provided;
      2. Please provide the location of the suspected infringing content on the website (i.e., the website address or the location within the website) so that we can timely investigate and deal with it, and actively contact the relevant suspected infringer to  communicate with you.
      3. Please provide the specific contact information of the right holder, including name, id card or passport copy (for natural person), copy of company registration certificate (for company), correspondence address, telephone number, fax and E-mail address.
      4. Please confirm the following statement in the statement of rights protection:
       (1) the right holder is the legal right holder of the complaint;
       (2) the relevant content posted on the website infringes upon the corresponding legitimate rights and interests of the user.
       (3) I confirm that if the description of the protection of rights is not completely true, I will bear all the legal liabilities arising therefrom.

    (二)To prevent the situation worse, this website can be according to the requirement of the obligee and the preliminary findings remove or delete the related content, or links, removed the content of the content provider or removed links to owners or managers of the site can be in accordance with the issue about the removed content to this website does not infringe the copyright or other rights protection of legitimate rights and interests.Put forward right protection specification to consult afore-mentioned requirement.

    (三)If the website maintenance staff in the maintenance of the website, the use of relevant text, pictures, audio, video materials and other materials violated your rights, please timely email us, email address: webcis@sina.com;We will promptly protect your legitimate rights and interests, and promptly delete any of your copyrighted works.

    CEAYEA Electric Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. reserves the right to interpret this notice and the right to interpret the use of this website.