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    Domestic well-known R&D manufacturers——CEAYEA Electric 當前位置: Home / About / Corporate Mascot

    Mr Shi Yi 's interpretation

    Shi Yi was born on February 18, 2013 and was identified as a corporate mascot by CEAYEA Electric Technology(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.. The overall design is a running image, which symbolizes the spirit of the enterprise's enthusiasm and courage to open up, and the concept of the unity of the good and the good; The headwear of the headset is to demonstrate the purpose of continuous rapid response, timely technical support and rapid service philosophy; The helmet is a concept that reminds people to pay attention to safe production at all times; Green tops represent the pursuit of green environmental protection and sustainable development; Wearing a red cloak shows the overall image of the struggle forward, endless enterprising style, meaning that CEAYEA Electric has the meaning of leading the industry.