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    Domestic well-known R&D manufacturers——CEAYEA Electric 當前位置: Home / About

    CEAYEA Electric Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is the system integrator of industrial control system solutions and the professional manufacturer of industrial and mining enterprises energy saving system engineering contractor and industrial control and application. CEAYEA is a modernized economic entity with researching, production and sale integrated. It possesses great capacity to develop new technology, advanced testing method, consummate production engineering and scientific management techniques.

    The staff of CEAYEA, in perseverance of self-innovation, has researched into and developed some internationally-leading high-low electric apparatus with the independent intellectual property rights,owned nearly one hundred proprietary techniques among which the majority cover High and Low Voltage Motors Soft Starter, High and Low Voltage Conversion Speed Governor,High and Low Voltage Reactive Power Compensation and Harmonic control system, EPS, stabilized voltage supply, intelligent electrical apparatus, transmission and distribution equipment package of high and low voltage power, being widely applied to industries like electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical, military industry, mining, chemical industry, construction, construction materials, light industry, pharmaceutical industry, city planning, Textile Dyeing and Printing, papermaking, rubber and plastic and electrified railway. The company thrives in the tide of fierce competition through constant innovation, progressing, transcending and perfection and its idea of high-quality products, thoughtful and harmonious service has won trust and recognition from a wide range of clients both home and abroad.

    Since 2016, CEAYEA has gone abroad in conformity with the “B&R” strategy and completed a number of turnkey or auxiliary electrical projects incorporated into the “B&R” initiative in Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Egypt and Indonesia etc. By virtue of our advanced technology, reliable quality and perfect after-sales service, the Company has won good reputation from foreign customers. 

    The brand determines the altitude and science and technology makes changes to the future. For dozens of years, staff of CEAYEA, in spirit of diligence, pragmatism, innovation and dedication, sets the goal of developing high-end technology that surpasses the counterparts both home and abroad. For the purpose of harmonious and thoughtful service, they endeavor to build it a national brand, keep to the sustainable development, absorb the talents and merits externally and stay scientifically rigorous internally. They have gradually developed the strengths such as modernization of production, collectivization of management, specialization in products, and industry leading technology and established a competitive and public-served top-class listed company.